make a coat
keep inovating and challenging.


"And Roll" stands for being connected by the movement continuously.
We are keep challenging in order to make a success by the result of our failure. The reason why we persue the inovation and freedom is that to build a challenging spirit.Dot and dot, and the result of these dots are the line, this is what we, And roll aim for.


Since we are the non-businesss-field company, we will expand business infinitely.


We plan products and sale things which are able to improve customer's problem by focusing their concerns. No matter what types of industries, we are on the lookout for gathering informations all the time.

Investment business

Not only managing company and business, but also expanding a monetary economy by investigating various products proactively.

improvement business

We offer and anounce products that are related to improvenemt of environmental issues such as planning and selling of photovoltaic power generation and wind power generation.

Sports marketing

Since sports business is a part of the developping regional area, we expect more development by investing for unpopular sports. Further more, right now, we mainly supporting professional basketball team as a sponsor but in the future, we will do a business of educating younger player and the second career for them.


Company overview

Name And Roll Inc.
Representative Kohei Kamaishi
Address 6-26-2 CORAL bld 6F, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku,
Tokyo, 160-0022, Japan
Date of establishment 2016/3/7
Capital 3,000,000 JPY
Business Contents And Roll is the professional group which have seen many mountains' "top".
You can try for the top with us, or maybe you can support people who climb to the top in your way.
Line business , asset Management
alternative energy , sports marketing